Talent Strategy
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Talent Strategy

Pucent Talent View:
Our employment philosophy: use the people wiht both ability and integrity; High morality is important than ability;

Integrity, professional, service, and enterprising; Provide development platform for enterprising employees;

To help employees achieve and enhance their own value;
Value the capable employees; Adopt open, fair and impartial employment mechanism;
Manage and appraise employee performance based on job performance;
Provide competitive salary and benefits for employees.
Company's long-term successful development depends on attracting, retaining and training staffs that can ensure the company to grow steadily and continuiously.
Pucent's aim is to employ staffs that can establish a long-term stable relations with company in both the personal attitudes and professional skills.
Each new member to join in Pucent will be integrated into a high-quality corporate culture. That is to devote to the enterprise, progressive awareness as well as moments of humility.