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    Charging the battery storage conditions on the 5th battery energy

    Nickel metal hydride batteries is stored in what conditions better?In accordance with the provisions of the IEC standard nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries at a temperature of 20 +-5O ° C and humidity for the storage conditions (65 - +20)%. In general, the rechargeable battery the higher the storage temperature, the remaining

    battery capacity the lower rate. On the contrary, is the same. Refrigerator temperature storage battery is the best place in the 0-10O ° C, especially for a battery. Secondary nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery even if the storage and loss of capacity, but as long as the re-charging and discharging several times can restore.

    Ni-MH # / # 183 # / # store how long?Battery inherent electrochemical structure determines the inevitable loss of battery capacity, mainly due to the self-discharge. Usually

    self-discharge the size of the cathode material in the electrolyte solubility and heat stability (easy to self-decomposition). Rechargeable batteries self-discharge than a battery. And the battery type, battery monthly self-discharge rate is not the same. Changes in generally 10-35%. A battery self-discharge was much lower at room temperature does not exceed 2% per year, with the self-discharge during storage associated with the increase in battery internal resistance, which can cause reduced battery load force, while in the discharge current is larger circumstances, the loss of energy change is very obvious.


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