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    Battery capacity test standards

    NiMH rechargeable battery rated capacity of
    Under certain discharge conditions, Ni-MH battery discharge to the release of electricity cut-off voltage, the IEC standard specifies the nickel metal hydride batteries in the environment of 20 ± 5c released after 16 hours at 0.2C discharge to 1.0V, 0.1C charging power NiMH rechargeable battery rated capacity.

    Lithium battery capacity test method?
    (GB/T182872000 specification lithium-ion battery charging

    requirements): first constant current charging, ie the current must, while the lithium battery voltage with the charging process gradually increased, when the # / # 186 # / #-side voltage reaches 4.2V (4.1V a), change the constant current charging to constant voltage charging. # / # 186 # / # voltage, the charging current with the charging process

    continues gradually decreases when the lithium battery charging current is reduced to 0.01C, charge termination. Shelved in 0.2C5A constant current discharge to the termination voltage of 2.75V, the standard requirements: Discharge time ≥ 5h.


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