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Customer Center

Customer Center

            Pucent allows users to feel relieved to buy and use.
After-sales service:
   ■ We promise that: All the customers who buy my lithium batteries, Ni-MH batteries, lithium polymer batteries, rechargeable batteries, mobile phone lithium batteries and lithium batteries from our company,enjoy the Guarantee and Return Policy within the Guarantee and Return Policy time free of charge; We are ready to help solve all the questions about batteries when clients are using Pucent batteries.
   ■ We also provide to design and customize batteries/polymer lithium batteries for complement industrial products; we always take the customer value as the goal, react rapidly, make a rapid response to customer's long-term interests to realize win-win development.

Notices to users:
To make sure all the customers enjoy all the services of Pucent cellphone batteries, Ni-MH batteries and rechargeable battery pack within the Guarantee and Return Policy time.
   ■Do not disassemble batteries and battery pack randomly; do not make batteries damp or throw batteries into the water.

   ■ please do not repack batteries or tamper with the battery number.

   ■ please refer to related knowledge or user manuals about batteries, to avoid battery or battery pack damage or scrap due to improper use.